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Hoang Diep Landscape Construction Co., Ltd

Since 1997, we have been involving in numerous well-known projects and we evolve continuously in the direction of sustainability. In all of our works, we view that People must be in harmony with Nature in order to have a better living environment.

Besides, in order to achieve elegance and liveliness in every of our landscape designs we always believe in the golden rule “Be Simple”.

Our mission is not only creating many unique artworks but also bringing them to life with recognition of values.

We want to inspire you and together we can get Beyond the green…

Hoang diep Landscape Construction
Since 1997.

Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

“Beyond the green…” 

With our slogan “beyond the green…”, we never meant to prove that human can conquer the nature but being the quality of life based on additional values. Not only bringing the greenery to the society by our profrssional designers and landscape workers, we also bring to you the singing sound of birds anh the art of gardening which form the poretry in busy life.

The sustainable achievements after a decade developing comefrom our staff’s efforts. With long-term experiences, professionals and enthusiasm we offered various suitable solutions for every single need of our customers. According to the business motto “ our jou is based on the maximun satisfaction of customer needs. “ Hoang diep Landscape Construction Co., Ltd commits that the quality of services and the creative in art of our production are always the first criteria when doing business

Hoang diep Landscape Construction Co., Ltd sincerely give thanks to our partners, customers and all staff who have ever co-operated with the company for the whole time and in the furutre also

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Safety is the most important of our core values. It is our first priority during every work day.


Involvement in and support of the community are at the heart of our company.


Structure’s commitment to green building and sustainability is long-standing.

more than 20 years experienced

Meet Our Dedicated Team Members.

Spending more than 20 years experienced in consulting and designing landscape, Hoang Diep Landscape Construction Co., Ltd prepared all the necessity and sufficiency to become the most professional consultant in landscaping. The experts, landscaping architectures were trained professionally to ensure the high quality in works by creation, art, fitting with the usages and the, combination of nature in each design.


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